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Deadlift Routine


Hello everyone,

I am Jonathan and I am new here. I've been lifting since about Feb. 2007 (not long).

Here are my Stats:
5'6" 177lbs (18-20% BF...hey i used to weigh 237lbs!)
Squat-205lbs (used to be 235lbs)
Bento Over Row-170lbs
Deadlift-245 (used to be 285lbs).

Here's the thing. I hadn't been lifting for maybe a month due to a new hectic job and thats why my lifts are down. Well, when i went to the gym to find my new 5RM's I guess I hurt my right hip (read about it hear: http://www.sherdog.net/forums/showthread.php?t=673010). I can't really squat because of the pain but i want to keep lifting and deadlifting doesn't seem to hurt my hip.

So the actual question is:

Anyone know of any good routines where the deadlift is the main focus?

This is just til my hip starts feeling better as i want to continue the 5X5 routine.




Not sure what you are exactly looking for, but you could always just do deadlift first for 3x5 so you have all your energy to devote to it.

Also if your hip hurts stretch your lower back out. Look up sciatic pain stretches.