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Deadlift Replacment Needed


im doing 5 3 1 bbb… bench and squat is fine but deadlifts every time i lower hips it tuks under… causes lower back round … i was told i have tight hips… i dont compete and im not forced to deadlift as i only do it for strnjth and size … can u suggest a replacment for it


I see 3 possibilities here.
1 is that you could work on your mobility, and find a way to deadlift. If a true deadlift substitute existed, I would imagine that Wendler would say that.
2 is that if your hips are truly immobile enough for you to deadlift, that would likely manifest itself in your squats as well.
3 you’re just making excuses. go deadlift.

My best guess is #3.


#4 Do them sumo style.


Rack pulls or elevated from mats and work your way to the floor


You might want to try it with RDL.


Are you doing agile 8, three times per day?


I have only met one person in my life who actually was not mobile enough to squat or deadlift at all. He couldn’t get low enough to grab the bar on deadlifts and any squats he did were half squats.

What do you mean by “every time I lower hips it tucks under”? Your lower back most likely rounds because of technical issues on the deadlift. Trap bar deadlifts are a valid option if it’s an actual mobility issue but it’s impossible to point out the exact problem without a video of you deadlifting.


to every one that said im lazy or dont wanna learn … if i dont wanna learn i wouldnt be here…


rdl for man lift?

might try that actually… [quote=“flipcollar, post:2, topic:221478”]
My best guess is #3.

u guess wrong… sorry

[quote=“clee78, post:4, topic:221478, full:true”]
Rack pulls or elevated from mats and work your way to the floor
[/quote] like same deadift but raise it with plate or block?


I ment RDL for the BBB sets.


will still need to fix my real deads…


This may be usefull:


thanks for trying to help


Your stance looks really wide for conventional deadlifting, you correct your stance mid-lift while holding the bar, you try to bring your hips down but you forget bringing your chest up and you don’t seem to flex your lats.

Check out stuff like So You Think You Can Deadlift fro Elite Fitness or deadlift leverages, set-up and technique for powerlifting from Powerlifting To Win from youtube.


so i dont look like i got tight hips? my stance too wide? i should stand feet closer?
i have same lift front view wanna see ?


Stretch the s**t outta your hips to be able to deadlifts, the movements you aren’t able to do, are the most you need. Except you have any body deformation or something from a injury or so.

Go google how to fix your anterior pelvic tilt, do some yoga, good rescources are Mobility WOD or Diesel Strength

get s**t done


So are you doing Agile 8 three times per day?


i dont kno what that so i will go google it right now


I think your issues are the bar is too far away from you when you begin the lift and you’re not bracing as much as you need.

You can see you bend once you begin lifting. Sort the start position and your bracing then a bit more mobility and you’re set.


Yes, exactly, find the height where your form feels good. Start with a low training max. Then after a cycle or two, try slightly lowering the height , keep this process going till you are lifting from the floor. Or if injury, ,body mechanics won’t allow that then just stay at that height.
Unless you are competing it will be fine.
Enjoy your training and block out negative comments.