Deadlift Replacement

Due to not being able to get to the gym tonight, I plan on doing the routine outlined in CT’s Power Look article, but I do not have enough weight to be able to efficiently do the Deads (only got around 250 lbs).

I plan on doing this routine once a week as outlined on whichever day I can’t get to the gym, so what do you guys I recommend I do instead of deads? Lower weight higher rep, or just replace/exclude them?

snatch grip deads

Never tried a snatch grip, does it make them tha much harder?

Cleans? Romanian Deadlift?

Good Mornings!

250 snatch grip might be as hard as (but different) from a 315 deadlift

One legged deadlifts.

definitively try snatch grip, you will love them

I’m not sure what your rep scheme involves but you could try doing the following:

  1. Incorporate tempos
  2. Perform The Snatch Grip DL (as already stated)
  3. Decrease Rest periods between sets
  4. Perform a prefatigue exercise/superset
  5. Perform Single Arm Barbell Deadlifts

Perform DLs while standing on a couple of 45s. Elevated deads don’t require as much weight and are very beneficial.

1 arm Dead Lifts, find a bar with the grip in the middle a smooth bar will make it much more difficult and not in a good way. Load it up, use a sumo stance right in front of you and kill that grip.

Thanks for the suggestions all, they all seem like good ideas. The Power Look workout focuses mostly on trap development, so I think I’m gonna try a combination of what you guys suggested and do some snatch grip deads while standing on something thats slightly raised (with only 250 available I don’t wanna waste 45’s for standing on).

High Pulls
One-leg Deads
One-arm Deads
One-leg-one-arm Deads :smiley:

The Power Look already includes 3 supersets (trisets) that include 2 different types of high pulls, so I’m pretty sure after that I won’t wanna see another high pull for a week.

Snatch grip deficit deads should be painful though. Can’t wait to try em.