Deadlift Replacement Because of No Bumpers?

Lowering deadlifts to the floor very slowly I broke my cheap barbell. I picked up a craigslist barbell and need to replace deadlifts from the floor till I have a better setup. I have heard doing only squats with no deadlifts can cause knee imbalance, what supplement lifts can help this?

Squats without deadlifts won’t cause a knee imbalance. Find the person who told you that and never listen to them again, because they’re a lunatic.

Can you do RDLs out of the rack until you get some rubber mats?


If you have the funds I would prioritise getting some mats or whatever you need to deadlift. I like deficit SLDLs with no resets and GMs, but that is assistance, I’m not sure sure what supplemental you can do apart from rack/block pulls if you’re able to.

Thanks for the advice! Yes, RDLs are fine. The past few weeks I switched out deaflifts for rackpulls using the same programming, I had already been doing RDLs or SLDLs once or twice a week.

Cool well I’d probably do rack pulls then, below the knee, staying close to deadlift angles. Careful not to damage the bar though.

Rubber mats are pretty cheap. Go to a home improvement store or somewhere that sells farming supplies. The ones I got were for stables I believe. They are not solid, but more of a web design with holes throughout. worked great until I got some bumper plates and proper rubber flooring.

I have a horse mat on top of plywood, was fine for awhile then ny bar broke at the collar.

You could double up the mats. I don’t really see the point of dropping DLs Drop your training max enough that you can lower the bar under control. I don’t see how rack pulls would be any easier on a bar.