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Deadlift Rep Scheme on BB Routine?

Hey guys, i tipically do bodybuilding routines because size is my main goal, but im passionate about doing deadlifting and i feel not only that i lack of progression because i aply my tipical bodybuilding rep schemes and progression but my CONTENTIONAL dealift decreased from 346lbs (72,5kg each side) to 302lbs SUMO (62,kg) because of my cutting, so im kinda lost in terms of weight progression on the deadlift…

I usually do 2 light sets and i dont really pay atetion to reps , i usually do 8~12 reps and then i do 3 “heavy sets”, for example
50kg each side - 6 reps
55 kg each side - 3~4 reps
62kg each side - 1 rep

Is there is any way to apply a nice strenght set e reps scheme to my bb routine?
deadlift was the exercise i most suffer on strenght loss, my squat and dumbell bench even improved for a while on my cutting

You can program the deadlift whatever way you want but in terms of bodybuilding purposes you should likely stick to a proven progression sceme. Doing straight sets of deadlifts is very taxing and that energy could be better spent on Kroc rows, chin-ups etc.


You usually stick to your program.

CT has a lot of good ones that fit what you are looking for.

Three words for your cut. Peri, workout and nutrition.

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You are not using enough weight to get the benefits of deadlifts for your back unless your back is weak to the extent that holding that weight isometrically for reps is challenging.


Sorry I read your post wrong. I thought you were only lifting 62.5 kg. If the weight you are using is challenging enough for your back, pyramid up to 4-6 reps or use the 531 progression model. If not, do deadlifts as the 3rd or 4th exercise.

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Thanks man, normally my first back day is focused on strenght and rows, i usually do deadlift, kroc rows and seated rows + basic biceps isolation

Gonna look into it buddy, thanks for the tip

I will sure look into 531 progression model, usually i do the deadlift first