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Deadlift Rehab


i've been powerlifting for the last 3 years...my workouts include squats, deadlifts, bench press, and olympic lifting such as power clean and press and the snatch.

i had been making steady progress and have a 1200 lb total in the big 3...
405/315/495 (dl,bp,squat)

i smoke a lot of pot and really dont train hard unless i feel good...about a month ago, i injured by lower back deadlifting...it was a sharp pain in my tailbone/lower back area and happend in my last set with 405 lb...and today i still felt it doing my 2nd rep w/ 315...

i have several plans for a rehab...one obviously being no more heavy deadlifts!! i feel like my form is broken and im too worried about pulling something instead of focusing on the lift...

i did some goodmornings and my lower back felt alot better...

the question i have for everybody is how long can i lay off deadlifting??? i feel like i cant even bend over anymore without feeling it in my back...

instead of deadlifting...i plan on doing chins and pullups so my back is still getting a workout...also i will start doing tons of goodmornings so i can get my lower back and hams working....is that enough of a rehab for my back?

my weight as of today was 168 lbs...


Why not get it checked out by an actual doctor?


When I hurt my SI joint, it was 5 months before I could deadlift and 7-8 before I could deadlift heavy. I had to stick with front squats over back for 2-3 months and it was close to 5 months before I could back squat heavy. I was able to do reverse hypers and bb back extensions after a couple days. I couldn't do GMs for a month. For 2 weeks, I had to do floor presses over benching because regular benching hurt my hip/back. For a month, it was hell moving in and our of cars and too much back flexion hurt too.

So see a doctor and work what you can how you can, and don't do it if it does hurt.


Reverse Hypers
45 degree back extensions
Ab wheels
Good Mornings

Hammer the shit out of these exercises and you will bulletproof your back...


Mmm... Depending on how bad the situation is and healed it is, any one of those if not all could cause problems if care isn't taken. Ab wheels were out of the question for me after my injury and GMs didn't go back in till a while and even then, it was limited ROM and light weight. I highly recommend seeing a doctor so you have a good diagnosis, then you can research the issue and design a program individually tailored to your needs and what you're capable of.

How well you take care of your back now, could determine how well your back will work in the not so far and far future.


I agree with everyone go to a doctor, and go out and buy a foam roller.

I did something similar once deadlifting, couldn't bend over for a week could barely even walk. After using the foam roller at least I could function normally, and it became a part of my daily normal routine. I recommend it highly.


dont go to a fucking doctor...at least, not an MD...they don't know shit about weightlifting...find a good sports physio or a chiro that actually looks like he lifts weights...ART practitioners are also a good choice...

Truthfully, if you are able to get around fine now, your back probably isn't all that fucked up and going to the doctor will just be a waste of money...

Doing the exercises here, easing into them and pushing it if they feel good, is the way I would go...


Maybe make training a priority, rather than smoking pot?

That could help you out.




tested myself again today, got 2 singles at 90 percent or 365 lbs...two sets of 8, and 3 of 315...2 sets of 10 with 225 warmup...then power snatch 5 singles at 135, and 2 singles at 155...backs feeling alrite afterall...tomorrow will back squat for more cns stimulating goodness:)


The only thing a DO or MD is good for is a medrol pack. This will cut the inflammation down significantly. I did physical therapy for three months when this happened to me and I have improved quite a bit. If you go to a PT, try and find one that has some experience in weightlifting. I got lucky and knew one. If stiffness is a major issue after the medrol pack (pain should go away in a week), head to a DO or chiropractor; that helped me quite a bit with the stiffness.

EDIT: Just saw you're doing ok.