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Deadlift Questions/Survey

This is pertaining to the conventional deadlift.

  1. Do you point your toes out or keep them straight?

  2. At the start, do you start with the bar over your laces (a couple inches away from your shin), or do you start with the bar as close to your shin and heels as possible?

-pointed outwards about 15deg
-bar as close as possible (touching shins)

Same here - pointed outwards and touching shins.

I point my feet straight out and keep the bar running up my leg. Many times I will bruise my legs from the bar moving up my legs.

2007 USPF San Diego Deadlift Champ

I prefer to have the bar a bit away from my shins. Whether this is better or not depends on your body ratios (torso vs arm and leg length, strength ratios).

Top deadlifters seem to vary also. Check out this video of Andy Bolton and Benedikt Magnusson in competition.

pointed outward,
little away from shins