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Deadlift Question -


There's a diamond bar at my gym that I've started using for deadlifts.
I have a lot of trouble using the regular bar, because my knees will get in the way.

So, my question is:
(a) Does using a diamond bar (you stand inside of it) affect how effective deadlifts are?
(b) How can I improve my form so that I'm not hitting my knees all the time?



exrx.com has a large exercise directory, go to power lifts and itll show an animated gif.

oh..and i dont know for sure, but im just thinking a little logically by this. but i think itll have somewhat the same effect..but since your arms wont be shoulder length(considering the diamond bar is wider than most) that will be a difference...and possibly the lower back/abs wont get as much attention. just a hunch though---im no professional.

just keep trying to perfect it. use lower weights like me, i am having a similar problem.


Performance wise- you wont be working the posterior chain as much with a trap bar than you would with a straight bar because the load isnt pulling you down to the front, but it should be fine.


In the past I have used the trap or diamond type bars for deads and yes you will get stronger but it may not translate to the traditional dead because of the angle of pull wich is almost straight up.

I always got a tremendous quad pump when using this type of bar as the drive was again almost straight up.

So for just training puposes I think it's fine but if you are specifically training the dead you still need straight bar work.


hmm im very very far from the answer on eadlift form bein worried bout it for ages (an cud still b wrong) but general consenseious is deadlifts scrape up your shins! lol.


Try the Sumo deadlift. It allows me to get the knees out of the way. I can stiff legged DL about the same as my conventional, but for me going Sumo adds 100#s.


i just wanted to say i have to used these at school and my max there is 365,at teh gym with a straight bar my max is 315......anyone else see the big gap?


The link is exrx.net not exrx.com btw


Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

I think I'll probably use the diamond bar, but keep straight-bar deadlifts in my regimine; basically, to rotate them in 1 or 2 times a week.