Deadlift Question?

Normally when doing deadlifts in a routine any shin scraping is negligable and I can deal with. However, I am currently doing Poliquin’s GVT program so the 10 sets of deadlifts are really taking a toll on my shins. And unfortunately, they are still scabbed up by the next deadlift day and are immeadiately torn up again.

Does any one have any tips for this problem. I tried wearing pants, but now I just have bloody pants.


Try wrapping two of those foam pads onto the bar that are typically used for squats. I don’t have this problem myself so I’ve never tried it, but it’s an idea.

You can use athletic tape, ace bandages, neoprene sleeve’s etc.

Pulling my socks up keep the scraps from getting too bad myself, but I would think you could get some soccer shin pads to wear under your pants.

Or you could wear some catcher leg protectors. That would be cool.

i read somewhere that some ppl wear shin guards when deadlifting. I looked for some, but couldnt find any that fit that werent to expensive to buy just to test a theory. you may want to give that a try.

I have tried wrapping the bar in tape or straps, but it didnt help. rug burn instead of just tearing… my legs are WAY too hairy to try tape on my legs, but if you arent a hairy beast man like I am, you may want to give that a try.

Its gotten to the point that I like bleeding. Ppl stare at you, whisper about you, etc. The kewlest thing ever is when you grunt or growl during a set, finish, look around, wipe some blood off with your hand, then lick it off. FREAKS PEOPLE THE HELL OUT.

Wear your scars with pride.

Also you could try putting duct tape on your pants. Some say that helps.


Thanks for the help guys. That will definitely give me some ideas to try in my next workout. I think I may get a pair of shin pads or neoprene sleeves.

I don’t mind the fact that I am bleeding so much, but since this in my home gym, I really don’t care to get blood on my bar or on the carpet.


Baby powder

Try wrapping your knee wraps around your shins.

Leave a little more space between yourself and the bar when you start the lift?

If you aren’t already deadlifting “conventional-style,” give it a try. Forget what everyone “knows” about sitting back at the start of the lift, with shoulders back, and pulling back into your shins. With practise, you can start with the bar against or nearly against your shins, start the pull with the shoulders very slighly ahead of the bar, and have the bar lightly touching your legs on the way up. Start the lift with a close stance, grip only slightly wider than shins, butt down, head up or neutral, elbows locked, and drive the world away with your feet. You won’t have the extra resistance of the bar dragging skin off on the way up, and your digested protein will grow more muscle and less replacement skin and blood. (Long socks also help.)
Done conventional style, it’s not a hip lift; it’s primarily a back lift. For many of us, it’s the best way to go. (Yesterday, I regained the WPC world record DL in the 75Kg/55-59 class, with 257.5Kg/567.7#.)
Strength & courage,
“Coach Joe”