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Deadlift Question


So whenever I deadlift with any sort of substantial weight I always feel a sort of soreness/discomfort in my lower back. Does this mean that my form is way off and I am doing something wrong with the curvature of my spine or is it a possibility that my spinal erectors may be disproportionally weak as I never have really done any training for them?


I had the same as I have a weak core. I started doing planks and the soreness stopped two weeks later.


Hard to say, it could be form issue, you could be trying to lift too much weight..
Your lower back might be too weak, it might be over-trained.
You might not be bracing your ab's properly

Posting a video would be a good start.


It's not really uncommon to get a lower back pump/soreness from deadlifts. Many powerlifters add some lower back work like Goodmornings with knees slightly bent and Hyperextensions with medium weights.


thanks for your responses guys, I think I need to focus on bracing my core properly and maybe adding in a few other things for my lower back


Before I started DLing, my lower back was pretty weak.