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Deadlift Question, Thorasic Rounding?


When I deadlift, I can lift the weight easily, my lower back arched good, but my upper back starts round. Is this a bad thing?

For example: I know this is nothing, but I'm deadlifting 155 kg for 3 reps and my thoracic vertebrae round lifting this weight. To keep a perfect arch I would have to drop the weight to 120-130kg.

Should I drop the weight until I can keep a perfect arch in my spine?

Should I implement both styles? ie: Most of the time with low weight and perfect form with a few heavy sets (thoracic rounding) every couple weeks?

Should I quit my bitching and just continue to lift as much as I can?


pretty much. as long as your lower back is neutral


Yup. If you lift any kind of decent weight your back will round.


As far as unsafe I dont think it is. But it does show you are quite weak in your midback erectors. Doing some of the mobility work in Boyles article as well as practicing some of your squatting keeping your mid back arch can help. Goodmornings help to a lesser degree. Judging by what you are saying I would bet you arent that good on front squats. Is this correct?


You're right, I suck at them. I've only been doing them about 6 weeks, and I found the other day that I've had bad form the other day. BIG thoracic curve, I was only up to about 70 kg before I realized it and dropped to square one this week. I can barely do 5 reps without any weight with good form, what do I do!?


Do them more until you don't suck


Try some lat pulls leaning back at 45' angle, db shrugs face down on an incline squeezing shoulder blades back. Make sure shoulders are locked back before you begin your pull during deads.