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Deadlift Question, I'm Really Flexible

I can romanian deadlift from the floor. when i bend my knees (because its what everyone else does) im weaker & feel less stable. does this mean that my natural/optimal deadlift technique is with really high hips or should i be working on bending my knees for a while?

Get a video of your deadlift. Most likely you have a technique issue.


Yeah that makes sense. I should clarify, I have a slight bend in my knees. I’m watching a bunch of technique videos on Youtube & it seems like im fine. I just prefer a high hip height because im so flexible.

Oh ok. Yeah, in that case, get a video of your deadlift. Most likely you have a technique issue.


Are you a bot?

No, I am not. But I am pretty good at deadlifting.


Typical teenager


Oh my goodness

word, I don’t mean insult, i was just surprised how quickly you responded & noticed that you wrote “Most likely you have a technique issue.” both times. At this point i think everything is fine. I’m just going to work with my hips high & not worry about it.

Understood. I suppose I don’t understand why you made this topic in the first place, as it sounds like you already had your mind made up, but if you ever decide otherwise, a video will go a long way.


I’m really flexible too. Doesn’t mean I do stupid shit and deadlift using only my hamstrings and in a horrible position.

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Isn’t that what the entire sport of powerlifting is about? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, ill post a video tomorrow

Famous last words…