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Deadlift Q's On Platform and Exercises

What’s the reason for doing DL’s off like a 4", 6", or 8" platform. And is it alright to work up on a max with this. AND will it help increase your deadlift?

Also how beneficial is the Snatch Grip Deadlift?
Anyone else have another other posterior chain exercises, or exercises for the hamstrings that they could give me??
Thanks a lot


Pulling from a defecit will help you a LOT in the bottom of your pull. Just think How light the weigh will feel when it is all the sudden 4 inches higer for you.

Yse you can work up to heavy singles.

Other hamstring, post. chain exercises.

GM,. SLDL, RSDL, glute hams raise, hyperextension, pull throughs, etc… A lot to choose from.

Hope that helps,