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Deadlift..Pull the Slack?


hey guys, ive just read an elite fitness article and i saw pull the slack of the bar....what does that exactly mean??


You should have everything tight and should already be putting pressure on the bar Before you initiate the pull.

A good way to do this is to pull yourself down to the bar when you go to set up.


True /\ same principal as if you were going to push a car. You initiate and then unleash otherwise a fast jerk does not break gravity. Also allows the bar to reach it's bending potential.


You won't be pulling any slack on the bar unless you have a really high deadlift or are using a bar with a lot of whip. Youtube some videos of some of the best deadlifters and notice the bar bend an inch or so before the weights actually leave the ground. A lot of guys with a good deadlift have the bar bend upwards as they drop their hips and get tight. As for me with a low 500 deadlift and crappy bar there is no bend, but I do get myself as tight as possible when I lower my hips. No bending of the elbows.


While it's most associated with a DL bar, I think this practice can benefit anyone no matter how stiff the bar is. I see young guys jerk the bar up so hard off the floor they pull themselves out of position. In the process of doing this they also often end up bending their arms as they jerk into the bar (which puts them at risk a bicep injury). Get your air and get everything tight and then put a little tension into the bar with your arms straight then explode the weight up.


oh ic ic...this has been very helpful, i just usually jerk the weight off the floor which i know isnt that good....


SRS pretty much said it all but here's a video example. The speed he moves up as the bar is bending doesn't change as the weight comes off the ground. If your not lifting enough to bend the bar the same technique should apply but it won't be as obvious in video.


tried it today..different sensation during the lift..sort of pulling my self towards the bar prior to ripping it off the floor..10x again


OT: What's Bolton got on his nose in that shot? Looks like a nose clip or tape of some sort.


Tissue or the sort - incase of nose bleeds


I can't wait to witness another bicep tear from all these idiots who don't pre-pull!


Muscles take time to develop maximum tension, especially in a concentric only exercise. Pulling the slack out sets the hamstrings up to begin developing tension before the initial pull. It has nothing to do with the type of bar or any of that bullshit. It has to do with having good form and not lifting like a dumbass meathead.


pulling the slack prevents biceps tears???


I have this problem with my form as my arms tend to be slightly bent at the elbow when pulling. Its a real bad idea as I have been told as its almost as if your attempting to curl the bar, until I started taking vids of DL I had no idea I was doing it, it can lead to a very bad injury and have been concentrating on getting the slack out of my arms, keeping em straight and the slight adjustment has already led to me get a triple which was once just a single.

I wouldnt wish injury on anyone, just because their form is bad,.




I found out that by doing this and slighting pushing my butt back it keeps my hips on good position and keeps my back flat . When I slack on this I tend to revert to more of a stiff leg deadlift .