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Deadlift Progression?


Hey guys, i'm not a competitive powerlifter but i am looking to bring up my lifts. I am currently squatting and deadlifting once a week (sometimes even squatting twice a week) and i have been seeing linear progression in weight everytime i go in. Obviously this is fun to see and super motivating but i'm pretty sure that the linear progression is coming to a hault and i am curious about how often i should max out on deadlift after i am no longer setting PR's each session.

I have been adding atleast 10 pounds a week to my deadlift up until last week when i got 455 for a single. This week i went for a max single again (maybe a bad idea) and the 455 felt just as heavy as last time/ no PR. Maybe i just had a bad day or maybe i am burning myself out but any thoughts and personal experience concerning the deadlift that can be shared would be greatly appreciated. (PS. i have no access to bands)






It might have just been a bad day as you said. One day where your lifts are off isn't really enough to justify a change in programs. I would try milking 'linear progression' for a little while longer until you plateau for more than just one workout. It could just be that you need a back off week too. It's really hard to tell.

If you're just tired of what you're doing now, then try something like 5/3/1 or another tested and proven program.


Good sensible advice from Fletch. One bad workout does not warrant changing your program, if you start doing that you'll be chopping and changing monthly. The thing with linear progression is that while it might be linear over a long period it will still have blips. Take a week off or deload and you'll probably add 20 lbs the next week. Stick with it.


thanks for the advice guys. i'll back off of deadlifts for a couple weeks . I might try to do a 'cycle' of only defecit deadlifts from like a 4 inch platform until linear progression stalls out on that and then deload week followed by a jump back into conventional deads. is there a significant carryover from defecit deads to conventional? and what percentage of your conventional 1RM can you pull from a defecit?


Your two questions can vary a lot from one lifter to another so there isn't a clear simple answer to that. I personally would just keep on doing what you were without change until you are consistently not making progress.

Again, if you're just bored of what you've been doing, then I highly suggest using a proven weightlifting template without 'Frankensteining' it and stick with it for several months.

Weightlifting is marathon, not a sprint.


Here's a thread that might help you with your questions: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/how_do_i_acquire_more_leg_drive_on_conventional_deadlift


5/3/1 works, I've been using it, and seen results. You can just play about with the assistance exercises for variety when you start to get bored or feel progress slowing down.


Sounds like a reasonable plan, but be aware that doing max singles every time you go in will stop working sooner or later.


5/3/1 it works


thanks for the advice guys. This is what I'm concerned about^. I see videos of elite deadlifters who are not pulling regularly and when they do it seems to be a variation of the conventional deadlift. especially westside guys. I guess I will learn more as I go along and will know what to do when i get to that stage regarding programming, seeing as I have only been at this thing for about 1 year at 17 yrs age.