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Deadlift Program Success


Share you knowledge. Im stalling with dead lifting 1x5 once a week. On the texas method, thing about adding some speed deads? With adding speed deadlifts do i need to do it on a different day?


What day do you perform your deadlifts? In PPST Mark suggests performing one heavy set of five on the volume day, and doing speed pulls (15 singles IIRC) on the intensity day. Try it and see what it does for you.

It would help to have a little more info to provide a context for the reason that you're stalling. How much are you deadlifting? How long have you been doing the programme? How have you structured the programme? How are the other lifts progressing?


I perform my deadlifts on friday, ive been stuck on doing 365 for 5 for awhile now. I feel if i do them on mondays it is way to tired after doing volume squats.


So what do you do on a Monday as your pulling movement? And what sort of volume do you use?


Not to toot my own horn but since you said you were stalling with what you are doing, you can try this out. Most of the guys rang the program a second time and added another 15 or so lbs on their PR.



Do the coan/philipi method, everyone I've talked to (including myself) has had good results with it


Whoah, is this in the 2nd Edition of PPST?


You can also just go lighter and work back up, like go for 335, week after go 345, etc.


No, first edition. The discussion of speed sets is on pages 186-9. Mark states: "Deadlifts work well with 15 singles on a 30 second clock" on p88.


Whoah, been a long time since I've read that book my buddy has had it for about 18 months. Must get it back off him, thanks!


You must not have talked to many people. Loads of guys have terrible results from this program.


This has worked VERY well for myself and several of the guys I train with:

Speed pulls every week waving from 47%, 50%, 53%, then back to 47% with quaded minis (or monster minis... or light bands but be careful because it adds about 600lbs at the top). Immediately go to something that works the hell out of your weaknesses for high reps. I love Dimel Deads and RDLs for sets of 20-25. Do something heavy for abs, then do 15mins of mobility work on your hips and lower back

Max pulls once or twice a month, based on training experience. Younger guys can get away with 2 heavy pulls a month but not every month. More experienced lifters should stick to once a month (this is all personal opinion/personal observations so don't throw out some example of some guy who deadlifts everyday and pulled 50 billion pounds at one meet, one time). My lockout sucks so I only do sumo deads (I pull conventional in meets), Reverse bands, or block pulls. Always work up to a max single and break records constantly. Again, work the hell out of your hamstrings/lower back, abs, and do some grip work.


You know storm every time you post a deadlift program I find myself saying "well shit that looks practical and effective"

So being as my deadlift has stalled the fuck out somewhere in the mid 6 range I am actually going to try it. Was curious as to what heavy ab work you do. My lockout has always sucked as well but my speed off the floor has always been dandy.


Heavy Ab work:

Front Squat Holds: Load the bar up with as much weight as you can unrack like you are about to front squat, then hold it for 8 to 10 seconds, then put it down. If you think this doesn't sound horrible, try it. I've done over 600lbs for 10 seconds and it left me bed ridden for 2 days... in a good way

Blast Strap Fallouts: I like doing them standing just cause it is a lot harder. Start on your knees and stretch as far as possible. When you can get 15 straight, try for 5 from standing. Do however many sets you want.

Very Heavy Side Bends: I mean like out of a landmine attatchment with 300lbs on the bar for sets of 3-6. Always go as heavy as you can hold onto.

Normal Stuff:

These can be done whenever, I mostly do them in extra workouts throughout the week or if I don't feel like shitting myself with the heavy stuff.

Straight Leg Sit-ups, Hanging Leg Raises, High Band Side Bends (side bend with a band attatched to the top of a rack), or spread eagle sit-ups.

Thats really about it. I've tried tons of exercises but these are hte only ones that help my lifts. Hope this helped!


That one sounds interesting... Do you just hold it at lockout?


Just did these last night but for higher reps (12-15) and holy shit am I sore! Took them from your anti-fitness blog and look forward to the results they bring, thanks for posting 'em up. Next time, more weight, less reps!


Thanks man I appreciate it.


The textbook definition of what your obliques do is counteract the force of gravity on the body. That sounds a whole lot like lifting heavy weights. Strong obliques=stable squats and good deadlift position.



It's put weight on my DL on more than one occasion. Be reasonable with your desired max (it's only 10 weeks), and I imagine it will do the same.


@StormtheBeach - you have some cool ideas for your lifts, thanks for sharing them