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Deadlift Problems


I am having problem deadlifting heavy currently. Nearly a year ago I weighed 198 pounds and deadlifted 550 pounds with no straps or belt. Currently, I can rack pull over 700 pounds, but I can barely get 500 off the floor at around the same weight. Any suggestions on starting strength??


Are you having problems getting the weight off the ground or at lock-out? I would start pulling from beyond parallel and make sure you get you assistance work in. DE squats with bands and concentric squats have really helped me. Also good mornings and direct weighted Ab work. I would also vary the style of pulling from regular to snatch to sumo stance to help with weak spots.


I have the hardest time off the floor, once I get the weight above shin level essentially I can lockout easily.


as usm said earlier, lengthen the range of motion and stuff. Pull from a deficit for a lil while, and if you cant do that widen out your grip to bring yourself lower to the bar.


Ya, I’ll probably start a three week cycle of snatch grip deads off plates or regular grip. Thanks for the advice guys.


Try Hack Squats - they helped me moving the weight from the floor.