Deadlift, Problem with Last Rep

Hi guys, basically I am 3 months and 2 weeks into Rippetoes and today I deadlifted 130kg 1x5. Last week I managed 4 reps. The problem with today was that on the final rep my form was not great, the weight was stuttered up if that makes sense, I had to kind of drag it at the end with the lockout. Should I repeat the same weight next week or increase the weight? The previous reps were fine.

My other exercises have been going alright: 107.5kg squat 3x5 (below parallel) , Military Press 50kg 3x5, Bench Press 65kg 3x5.

You have bad days. You have good days.

Up to you if you want to stay the same, add or deload.

Listen to your body.

I would definitely not INCREASE the weight until you hit your target of 5 solid reps at that weight.

Speaking for myself, my deadlift increased very quickly in the first few months of 5x5, so it is entirely possible that you will destroy that weight next week. If you feel good, I say go for the same poundage next week.

That said, I would not advise trying to grind out many more reps with a hitching movement, which is what you describe sounded like. Just drop it and attack it again next week. If you are doing everything else right you will crush that lift relatively soon.

I also don’t think you will be ill-served long-term by dropping a few kilos next week, nailing your lift and resume your progression scheme. That would certainly be the conservative approach.

Thanks, I have decided that I will listen to my body and repeat the weight next week. I think I will do a lot better next week because I am not afraid of the weight now and it is more a case of just lifting the thing up.