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Deadlift PR


Ok so i started training last january and started deadlifting around march. Went real light for a few while till i was sure my form was great then started to really hit them and set the goal of 405 (@215bw and 6:1) by the end of the year.
I started 5/3/1 the beginning of dec with a 375 dead pr and i realized last nite which was my heaviest dead day for this cycle that it was my last t\chance to get the lift. I tried 385 didnt feel to hard and went for 405.
It was hard but i pulled it, i need to work on my grip strength tho definitely. Wanna get a vid up here soon for u guys. I cldnt record last nite cuz i needed the music on my phone and my freinds phone was about to die.


good work, man. i had the same goal but i had to deadlift two days early before going on vacation so i only hit 375, hahaha. still a +40 lbs pr for me.

keep it up, though. onwards to 500 and 600!


Good Job! and good luck to you


'coool brother, keep it up. I'll race you to 495 ! I, like you am 6'1 and about 193-197#. I hit 425 on tuesday and just this eve hit 365 in my squat.

So are you up for the challenge: only caveat is VIDEO : )
Nice to know I am not the only TALL lanky motherfucker out there pulling up the plates...


^ 6'9" here, brah.

there's another T-Nation poster that's 6' 9" as well.


yoooo b im in!! i hit 405 several times also injured my back doin in lol, but im looking to take that next step....too bad im not even 6 feet lol, probably about 5'11 165 lb....


Zooguido, thanks for the motivation. I do recognize that shorter people "generally" have an easier time pulling plates. How hard is it for you to bench with the wingspan that you have ?

KHan... WILL be posting a dead, squat and bench video around the 7th of March which is birthday # 45 for me...
see you then, dirk.


Tbh man, I don't even know. My body's relatively proportional (legs really aren't that long for my height [36-37" inseam]) except for having slightly slimmer shoulders so I feel like I should be able to bring my bench up quite a bit now that I'm able to train it consistently (was injured).

Also, for a while I didn't really care about upper body and just trained legs/back because they were "easy". However, I started 5/3/1 4 months ago and I've seen great progress in bench. For me it's really just a matter of eating enough calories and protein to allow my body the fuel to repair itself. Learning proper bench technique helped immensely as well.


Heck yea! your on! i will be sure to post a video this time to