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Deadlift PR


Well I finally got my 405x2 PR on deads. I know its not some huge number to some but it has been a thorn in my side for a while now. Been doing ALOT of rack deads to help the lockouts and they have payed off in dividends. I probably could have got it once, maybe twice more but I was happy with 2. Onward and upward.....


nice work!!




good job bro!! your tall like me and it seems for us taller guys (longer torso) the deadlift is a lil bit harder!


I like the "Bam" at the end.


I thought you were going to crotch chop the bar.......good stuff on the PR :slight_smile:


nice work man. you made that look easy. i've been stuck at 375 for a little while now, looking to hit 405 as well.





Yeah, the BAM was more of a poking fun moment at my lifting buddy. Which is also the one who video'd and uploaded without editing it out. punk. Anyway, thanks.

@NGAGE - Yeah it is difficult at my height and I think in order for me to progress further i am going to have to start incorporating some deficit deads to help with the initial pull. Once I pass my shins I am good.


i find a wider grip with a wider stance helps not sumo though


Nice one! You can see the momentum build as you pass the knee. Must be all those rack lockouts. I might try incorporating them.


GREAT job!


Im doing the same thing now they are hard (deficit deads) but help so much at least for me


It's not a huge weight, but it's still earth-shaking.


Thanks, yeah it has been a tough movement for me and the gains are slow. At the end of the day I use that move as just another tool for back development and not as a move that I am targeting in a PL fashion. Things would probably progress better if I were to train for big gains in that movement.


Props! I got 450 a month or so ago but I havent gotten it since. Did 425 for 1 last Sat. and that was the end of my session.

I'm tall too (6'2") and I do the normal stance. Have to get back to rack pulls but I have old hernias (surgically repaired) that hurt from time to time. They've been hurting lately.