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Deadlift PR:

Deadlift PR 465x1 today!

Would 531 be a good thing after doing Starting Strength?
I see a lot of peeps on here are doing 531, is it that much different than Starting Strength?

Congrats on the PR. If you are gaining on Starting Strength, keep doing it! But if you have milked what you can from it, 5/3/1 is definitely a great program. The difference from Starting Strength is you are lifting 4 days a week (there is a 2x and 3x a week template though), and starting off each session with either the Military press, deadlift, bench, or squat… doing 3x5, 3x3, or 1x5/1x3/1x1, depending on the week. The last set is basically balls out, and trying to get rep PRs. The weights are based off percentages of 90% of your 1RM. It’s basically an upper/lower split. And then you do 2-3 exercises for accessory work. Find the article on here and take a look at it.