Deadlift PR Form Check

This was a PR i set today. Could use a form check and opinions. - YouTube
What i felt was wrong (trying to learn my own form so i dont need to rely on others too much)

  1. Bar drifting alot forward. Think i fked up during my liftoff so i desperately tried to pull it back.
  2. Bad liftoff, i feel i have very weak quads as compared to my posterior. I have a lot of lean on my squat as a result of this. Plan to do alot of quad movements etc front squats as example. Another reason i feel the setup was bad cause my belt was pinching me more than usual (maybe im getting fatter lol)

Please correct me if im wrong and point out any other things you find wrong. If possible dont suggest sumo to me. I tried to sumo for about a month but my hips just kept feeling pinched. It was a painful feeling instead of a tight feeling despite stretching. Thank you

Other than the hips being high it wasn’t a bad lift

I like to see side angles more than this. I think u see your own flaws tho.

[quote]patrick4588 wrote:
I like to see side angles more than this. I think u see your own flaws tho. [/quote]

Wanted to take a video from the side but the gym was crowded so I just placed the camera at the best angle i could find. I feel that learning to spot your own flaws is alot better than asking someone else to help you(in some cases). But im pretty new so im really open to suggestions and criticisms

That’s a lot of rocking and swaying forwards and backwards. Any chance you could set the bar against your shins and drag it on the shins slightly as you pull? You don’t have to skin your shins, just keep constant contact with them. Imagine leaning back as you pull, this should keep the bar against your shins. Also, maybe try keeping your head/neck in a neutral, position, think head pulled back and a double chin. Small adjustments, but otherwise, congrats on your PR.

I really dont know why i tend to rock on a PR. My warm up sets look really fine. But yea thanks!

Work on strengthening your hamstrings. Lots of glute ham raises