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Deadlift PR After 5 Wk Break


So, i pulled 450lbs today, a new PR for after being out for gym for 5 weeks. WTF?


You were out of the gym for 5 weeks. WTF?


The mods rule. Be lazy and type a short ass title ans they fill in the blanks! Like having predictive text forum-ized!


Unfortunately you dont need to deadlift much to increase your deadlift


Also a good wtf. I travelled home for xmas for 2 n half weeks after being away for a year so didn't manage to get to the gym, plus i was reluctant to pay 2 months membership and only use it for a week either side of my holiday. Yes i'm cheap.


I think you should make a thread about it.


i was shocked coz my previous was 415 so a 35lb gain after 5 weeks off is pretty good goin i think.


You should only lift 10 times a year, at this rate you will deadlift 700+ by 2011.


Sounds like a plan lol.......


and by 2011 I mean 2012, I am stuck in 2010.


Maybe thee weight i gained over xmas has something to do with it....


You trained before that, then let your muscles recover while eating a ton of food. WTF indeed... :wink:


it was fun lol.