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Deadlift PR 405lbs!

Thank you God! Today I pulled 405 pounds in the sumo deadlift(mixed grip)at 161 pounds. This is how my progression went:

I believe I had more in me but I was taking up all the 45lb plates in the weight room so I stopped. I’ll remax in a couple of months.


do it next week!

Awesome. 405 is a huge step forward. I think it’s the step from beginner to intermediate. Though that depends on your weight… how much do you weigh?


161lbs Dan.

Great Job! Keep it up.

Dan can’t read.

Fine work man. Many people heavier than you cant even pull that, good work indeed.

Your gym only has 8 plates? You need a new gym…


Good job, guy!

I am curious, how heavy did the 385lbs. feel? Also, what were you thinking just before the lift of 405lbs?

I recently pulled 405 for the first time, but at a bodyweight of 194 - you are much stronger than I am. Good job.

I think about my girl trapt under a car (yes, sickening), and it always get the adrenal medulla pumping.

Landon, that is exactly the type of thought process that I use when lifting a personal record!

that’s why I asked him what he was thinking. I think this could be an entire thread.

Zeb I was thinking: you can do this push up that weight. 385 seemed pretty easy so 405 didnt seem to be a problem either.