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Deadlift PR 405 - 2 years in the making


It took about 2 years but I finally hit 400 on the deadlift. When I started lifting in 2012 I was super weak. I was 31, 165 pounds, no muscle. Now I am 33, 208 pounds, getting strong. I found this website learned and learned as much as I could. When I look back at my first posts to this site it hard to watch. I was clueless.

I went to a weight lifting seminar this week, got free coaching from the presenter (Josh Bryant) and made a 35 pound PR. I was not using a belt either which is rare for me. If you are new to this site, keep learning and lifting. If I can get strong anyone can. Also dont forget to eat and lift with people that are better than you. The faster you get a network of experienced lifters to lift with the better you will be.


What did he teach you? Because that looked like a warmup.


  1. If you are going to use a switch grip for heavy sets, use it in all your sets. It will help warm up your bicep tendon

  2. Make sure you are not flexing your supinated arm on the lockout

  3. When pulling sumo get tight in your groin and push your knees out.

  4. When you get up to a pull commit to it. Either you get the lift or your back snaps in half.

the most I have ever lifted before that was 370 in January with a belt, nose tork, and so so form. I guess 7 months of training the lift and then getting some technical help is what did it. I a still learning how to train my mind and body to pull max effort weights.


I'm new to this and 46 years old and 190 lbs. Been lifting a westside program for 5 months. I don't have that bar speed at 400 lbs and my 1RM right now is 420. So I'd say you have an easy 440 in you.

Go heavier and embrace the grind. You are way stronger than 400.


cool, I had no idea I was at that weight yet. Westside is really working for me so far. I feel stronger and my muscles are growing in size a lot more than using 5/3/1. Also I really like using the bands and doing partial movements. My brother always tells me "don't do partial movements because if you lift raw the hardest part of the movement is what you are skipping".

I am seeing a lot of carry over from partial to full movements. Now that I use the bands twice a week I am getting faster bar speed. With 5/3/1 my accessory work was not as deliberate as it is now. I think I will be Westside till I die. I just made a reverse hyper diy. once it is done I will upload some pics.


I just think you need someone to push you: watch your form, bar speed and give you confidence to load the bar. Like Silyak said that looked like a warmup; maybe your opening weight. You can go a shit ton heavier.

In my short time chasing PRs every time I got one, I thought I didn't have it in me. But my trainer knew I'd get it.

But don't listen to me, these guys on this forum know a lot more as I just don't have the experience. I just keep training and eating and chasing a raw total to get me into Class 1 category. Hoping my first meet I can perform at that level.


This is very interesting, I generally when warming up go double overhand until about 315 - 365. I have a horrible tendency to to flex my supinated arm as well, I will try this. I wish I had the grip strength and hand size to go hook grip but I have fat wide short fingers....


Not to start an argument or highjack the thread but have you practiced it for a while ? 48 kg women lifters are able to hook grip I'm pretty sure you could with pratice and once you get it over with the pain and discomfort this grip is gold.


In short no probably haven't used it enough . I should though and the training I'm doing now would lend itself to practicing it more. I always felt my posterior chain fire better with dbl overhand and because I have a tendency to "curl" the bar on heavier work it may be the safer option