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Deadlift Power Off the Floor


Make sure your deficit deadlifts are bo more than 2inches. Incorporate heavy front squats and paused leg presses.



I tried rolling and ended up nearly falling backwards, not something for me.


I trap bar deadlift so…

It just seems kinda odd to be so adamant against rolling.


It doesn’t work well for sumo either, only Dennis Cornelius does that but he’s a special case.


An assistance exercise that made a noticeable difference for me was bent barbell rows with a dead stop at each rep. My weakest point has always been breaking the floor; I basically never miss a deadlift that I get to my knees. Doing these dead stop barbell rows made a noticeable difference in my power off the floor.


I just want a deadlift video. Why are we even discussing any thing when we haven’t seen the OP lift? End of story.

You literally and I mean literally can not diagnose form without seeing form.

Who cares if he’s rolling, triple jerking, chicken winging, bat goating, or Pirouetting if you’re not even sure he’s get both hands on the bar.


Chris is correct, there’s nothing wrong with rolling the bar prior to pulling the Deadlift. It does produce some momentum in coming off the floor, when preformed correctly.

Not rolling the bar from any Deadlift under 500 lbs??? What make 500 lbs the magic number.

Howver, I am sure you can correct Eddie Hall’s Deadlift issues.

Your one of the few people that I know that can blow smoke up his own ass; you’re gifted.

Kenny Croxdale


I saw this a kid roll the bar with one of them hexagon plates looked silly and basicly windmilled the hell out of it coming up.


I think rolling the bar is dumb for people who don’t have the basics down. It’s just adding an extra variable when they’d much better off doing it from a stationary position.

This doesn’t apply to high level deadlifters because they clearly have the basics down and rolling the bar works for them.