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Deadlift Positioning


Ok here's my concern...for the longest of time I have been doin dls starting in a half squat position. I've done this exercise on back day for as long as I can remember. Not until recently have I been told, by a few people, that dls should begin in a full squat position. I am kinda confused on which is the right way. Should I begin with my quads parallel to the floor, or should my hips be above my knees? Seriously I wanna know, cause I'm gettin the run around here.


Body postioning is dependant on your goals. Different positions will emphasize different muscle groups. Check out CT's article:



mark rippetoe can explain it better than i can


awesome, that's what I needed...Thanks much


The squat positioning really depends on several factors. The first is your body composition in terms of bone structure. Long arms and short everything else are preferable if you're trying to pull as much weight as possible but can hinder your development in the legs and back since they're seeing a lesser range of motion. Second factor is goals upon which some one else has already touched.


Half squat.


That's why you squat below parallel also. Problem solved.

OP, you want to set yourself up to pull as much weight as possible and if that means your legs and hips are in a 1/4 squat curtsy position then so be it. You are not trying to turn this exercise into a squat, your goal is to stimulate as much muscle as possible by using the heaviest weight you can use. Don't sell yourself short. Just make sure you go deep on your squats and you won't be missing out on anything.