Deadlift Plateau Advice

Iv been stuck at about 405 on deadlift for a very long time now about 4 months iv got 415 once but most of the time 405 is where I max out at. Can any one suggest some tips. Iv tried 5x5, deficit pulls, rack pulls nothing seems to help much. I weight 200lb and I pull conv. style.

Thank you

Im about the same weight as you and was stuck in the at 430 for almost a year. What finally broke the plateau was Narrow stance ass to grass squatting. Even if you don’t want to change your actual squat work that way try 3X10 oly style squats for assistance after you DL. It works.

What does you actual routine look like?

Try changing your stance, grip, torso position, etc. to see if you work better from a different angle. I was stuck at 475 conventional for a few months and started doing sumo as assistance, turns out I’m stronger sumo as I pulled 495 sumo within 3 weeks of starting them. Also I’ve found that high squat volume and lower deadlift volume (normally go in, hit a 1RM deadlift and leave) works well for me personally. Maybe you’re different but I’d say it’s worth a try.

Depending on your training - try and start pulling singles starting at 80% of your 1RM (for you that’s about 315) - pull them violently as you can UNDER CONTROL. Work on your setup and technique and make every rep count like it’s a max effort pull. Pull 5 singles each workout. Add 5lbs per week pulling once a week. Anytime I have needed a change from the rep grind - this has been a HUGE help. You might not feel like you’ve done much, but I promise you from experience it will help get you over the hump. During your warm up to your working weight, do your reps without dropping the bar to the floor. Only allow the bar to go just below your knees about mid-shin and then pull back up. This will keep a lot of tension on the abs and build the upper back up as well holding that position just before hitting the floor.

More reps does not always equal better results. Sometimes more rest and better diet are all that is needed. If you’re stuck, make the necessary changes because it’s either diet, recovery or training intensity that needs to change. Make sure your training intensity revolves around your diet and recovery - otherwise, it’s wasted time in the gym.

Good luck and go get yourself a PR.

I dont follow a strict deadlift routine I usually go in and do 5x5(70-80%) or 3x3(80-90%). Then some deficit pulls following the same percent as above. I started doing speed pulls with 225 this week. i think the problem maybe speed off the floor i rack pull 500 knees up its just that first inch or two.

Without knowing exactly what your workouts are in weights/reps, from reading between the lines you are trying to max way too often. You need to back down and do all your work sets at 75-85% of your 1RM, adding weights or reps slowly. Then after 3-4 months, test your 1RM after a week off. Don’t do a “workout”. Just do enough to prime your nervous system. i.e. a couple of 5-3 reps in your first warm ups then just singles up to your 1RM.

Deadlifts are the mother of full body, nervous system arse kickers so maxing out too often is counter productive. You can go full out every week on biceps but try dat chit with deadlifts and you gonna get yer arse handed to you.

Put theses bad boys in your routine and say goodbye to your plateau:

^ double pauses are murder. youll be sore in places you didn’t even think were required in the dead.