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Deadlift Periodization Question

Its not really a periodization question but I’ve been doing the Texas Method since the beginning of the year and in my one deadlifting set of fives on Friday I went from 5x150kg(330lbs) to 5x205(450lbs) and the last few weeks Ive barely made the set so Ive decided to max out in a couple of weeks.

My question is whether I should take a week off (just the deadlift) and then go for a max single which I hope will be around 230-240kg or do a top triple the next week and then the week after that go for a single. Or something completely different? It probably doesnt matter but Im lifting sumo. Thanks in advance!

Truly maxing out on a triple and then maxing out with a single a week later means the single won’t be as good as it could be. Then again, does it matter? No. You’re not doing a powerlifting meet, you’re just trying to produce a number that will satisfy your ego.