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Deadlift - Perfect Form!


This is the best form I have found around, you can really learn something about deadlifting watching this:



Everyone knows you can't have perfect form without a belt!


that's a joke right?

I think I have a few bulging discs after watching that.




I'm gonna go try right now


What are you serious? Isn't the point of a deadlift to lockout? Hitching and rounded back aside...he did finish with his chest up and shoulders pulled back....


OOOhhhh, that looks like its going to hurt like hell later!

Where would I be able to get a video where the deadlift has an actual perfect form?


This has been posted before - I think it's fake. The dude handles that weight way too easy as he puts it down. It almost looks like he could row it if he wanted to.


Maybe hes huge like deez weez.


Aw man, I needed that laugh!




What? It looked just like a Benedikt Magnusson lift.



I'll have to spoil the party here: this is the [i][u]third time[/i][/u] this video has been posted. The previous time was maybe only 2 weeks ago.

People, get your geekiness in check, and read every single damn post that comes up every day. It's not that hard, it only takes a few hours every day, and another few at night. Just explain it to your girlfriend, she'll understand.

Remember: No matter how cool it may seem to you, a rerepost was, has been, will be, and most definitely [i][u]still is[/i][/u]...a reREpost.

And for the record, that video was a joke.


Just to show you guys I'm not bitter, here's an awesome deadlift video. A real deadlift this time.



Oh, I see, its Thursday on the T-Nation forums again.....It wouldnt be a Thursday without this video!


i like his shadows fall shirt


Miserere, nice post, and you're right that is a nice deadlift. 700 for reps is awesome lifting.



What a comeback!Thanks.TRAIN HARD Jimmy T!



That's what it should be like!


since when can you search google for video?

oh happy day!


Holy crap that is painful to watch