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deadlift pb??

Attempted 495 today for a 1rm, got it up but it sure was ugly, I had to stop about 2/3 up, lean back, and get a better grip, because it was slipping from my hands. Note that I had no chalk or straps, and a bent bar. In competition would this count? (not that I compete but I sure am curious to know).

Hard to say without seeing it. But hitching is not allowed. If the bar is touching your thighs and it looks as though you rest and were able to adjust your grip while the bar rested on your thighs then I would say no.

Thats a damn good pull none the less, congrats.

No way. If you can re-grip it it’s cause you are hitching hardcore.


How much do you weigh? 495lbs. is a good pull.

yeah nice DL, going for 500 myself, but it feels a long way away :frowning:

I weigh about 190, hard to say though, because I haven’t weighted myself since school started (no scale). Hopefully I’ll get it next time.