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Deadlift PB Video Advice

Got a new deadlift PB (200k) last night.

Very pleased with the speed off the floor but it slows right down when I get just to lockout.

Anybody got any advice on assistance exercises? And advice on the form for the lockout?

Video @ http://www.sugdenbarbell.co.uk/index.php/articles/52




For one possibly lock your thoracic and lumbar area down a bit more off the start to create more tension.

And two, do you feel like your glutes are driving very well from the mid point up? I find that when I deadlift getting through the last bit easier if I really focus on a hard hip extension.

you could practice this on your dynamic days and also low cable pull throughs work well too.

good luck.

Good lifting.

But dropping the weight doesn’t make you hardcore. It makes you look like a dick who doesn’t respect equipment.

As for assistance work… RAck pulls from knee level have a reputation as an exercise to hit that area of the lift.

Pretty good except for 2 things: hips need to come forward quicker, and stop dropping the weight.

BSims and dl - you are right about the hips. I think I need to focus more on squeezing my glutes throughout the lift.

Hanley - I certainly wouldn’t drop the bar if I thought there was any chance of damaging it. And I definitely don’t do it to look hardcore (it’s only 200kilos!!) - but point taken mate.