Deadlift Pain

Hello. I’m not that big as it is but had a question. I dead lifted 235 as of today, but for the first 2 or 3 sets, I get this burning pain like I tore something right above or along my waist on the right side of my stomach. This has been happening lately for the last 3 or so deadlift days, even with light weights.

I do a 5x5 program, with one light warm up set. Usually, 135(warm up), then 5x5, 215,220…etc. I put on whatever I can hadnle inc. everytime.

Anyone ever got this sort of pain? thanks

Sounds like to me sadly you may be have a small and ever growing hernia. Does it puff out in the spot, tender, Id say get it checked out.

yea it does goet tender but not puff out, i’ll see how it goes and get it checked out by my campus nurse thanks.

Are hernias felt in the stomach like that? The position he’s describing (side of stomach) sounds like the oblique or something. In which case, perhaps he could be lifting unevenly or something, maybe deadlift dumbbells (which would be lighter too, less strain) could help?

no its on the front of the stomach, srry, towards the side

I got 240 done yesterday without any pain so… hope it lasts