Deadlift Pain Near Scapula Foreward Shoulders

Hello, i’m pretty new to lifting, most of my lifts have decent form but i wasn’t conscious of my scapula and shoulder position during deadlifts other than some lat activation.

I only deadlift 200 right now, i’m going up steady, but after the last time i deadlifted my scapula has hurt. I was confused if it was the traps, rhoboids or closer to the outside of it/middle.

I started testing to see how i can recreate pain, so i just put 100lbs on a bar and was messing around with rackpulls.

I found that if i have very foreward shoulders i get a pain every single time in my back, it feels verticle (the line of pain).
If i retract my scapula there is no pain, and i can lift the bar.
Neutral shoulders also seem decent.

Any ideas on what i did, do you think it’s safe to deadlift today 1x5? i have full range of motion in my arm and can row etc. Just this weird pain that prevents me from holding heavy weights when im standing and holding a weight with verticle arms and back.

Hard to tell without pictures or video of lift.

Might be a facial adhesion or a weakness in underactive muscles that aren’t used to being loaded, giving you some pain.

Probable tight/overactive:
Upper traps
Inhibit and Lengthen

Probable weak/underactive:
Middle and lower traps
Activate and Integrate