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Deadlift Oddity

Today I managed to pull 350x1. Three weeks ago my best DL was 335 and I was able to pull 350 half way up before stalling. Today I pulled 350 and it felt fast. I figured I would be able to grind out 355 or 360, but when I put 355 on the bar it wouldn’t break the ground. I then dropped the weight to 335 and the wouldn’t budge either. I’m wondering what the reason for this would be.
My best box squat before this was 305 and I managed to get 315 half way up before stalling.

Height: 5’4"
Weight: 170


you blew your load on the 350

way to go

Happened to about 2 weeks ago, i went and did 390 for one, i felt i had more in me, it felt easy, put on 395 and it didint move at all. Today i went to the gym, did 390 felt extra easy, went for 405 got it also pretty easily, went for 415, no pull…

Fatigue…I read somewhere that it had to do with your body going trough a big effort therefore, you must give it time before you can try again. I also wait 5-10 minutes between max attempts. But if it was difficult and i didint make it, ill just try it another day. I think it really depends on how much effort you put into the lift, the more effort, the more it takes out of you.

I’ll give you my experience. Take into account, I have back injury, so I can’t do lots of volume.

Usually, when I max, for example, 440, my sets will progress like this: 365 - 405 - 440. I have noticed that pulling 430 then trying 440 is more often then not fruitless. You’ll be too spent if you’re THAT close to your max. I pulled 450 last cycle very easily and tried 465. I could barely crack it off the ground. Its fatigue like everyone says. Plan your pulls realistically. Once you get a good idea of how to target your max, you won’t be trying these 5 and 10 lbs jumps in the future.

Thanks for the help guys. I think it was fatigue as was said because I probably had more in me.

I am a believer that more than 1 pr in a single day is pretty difficult. More than once I have set a new pr, thought I had more in the gas tank and failed miserably on a weight that is only fractionally heavier. For my ego, one I set a new pr these days, I figure it was a good day and leave the next weight for next time.

My best deadlift is 570 and I’ve just missed 600 twice as recent as 3 weeks ago. My last lift will be about 505 or so. you want as much in the tank when you go for your big one. I would guess no more than 85% to 90% of you best for your next to last pull.

I’ll keep this in mind when I go for a new PR tomorrow. Thanks.