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Deadlift Numbers?


Ok, I am thoroughly confused by many of the numbers that I see on this site for deads. A lot of guys in the 165-185 lbs. area are claiming to pull around 450 lbs. I'm 205 and my PR right now is 405 for 3 after a couple sets. I use a clean grip and between hip and shoulder width stance, usually without straps (my PR was raw). What is going on here? Are these guys using straps, alternated grip, wide stance etc., or are there just a lot of liers?


Maybe they are stronger than you or better at deadlfting?


There's a 132 lb guy who can bench press 600.

It happens. I also only have heard two guys claim this.


The best over 600 bench I ever heard of was in the 181 lb class.

I never heard of a 132 pounder getting that much with any kind of shirt. That's over 4 times his bodyweight.


If it makes you feel any better, I'm 175 and I pull 350 raw.



(568 at 163)


I'm not talking about power lifters or anything like that, but the run-of-the-mill skinny guy thats posts pictures in the physique and performance section and claims to pull 450. I know a few who can pull over 400, and they arent little guys (despite what body weight would imply).


Those are the numbers I remember. Of course, they might be wrong, but I do know it was something ridiculous. 600 at 181 is just as amazing. But for some reason 132 is a number that's stuck in my brain. Maybe it was a 500+ BP.


The simplest explantion is that they are lying.


I say "Who gives a SHIT" No time for me to waste energy wondering how they do it, if they are lying etc, I would rather concentrate on getting better than my last Pull, Focus on wy weakness as opposed to someone elses strength or supposed strenght. Its all about bettering ones self. Go pull.

Just my take,



My hat's off to you. The best pull I've ever had was a 3.39x bw.


I know several guys who pull above 500 at 200lbs and below, so it's not uncommon. I think all use an alternate grip. Just keep at it.


My max is 315, though I've pulled it for a couple singles in the same workout, so maybe I'd be good for another 10lbs or so. I weigh 210, but I will also add that I have seen very few people with my own eyes deadlift more. Usually the big galoots in my gym deadlift around 185 or so.


are they liers? who knows...

it happens but not very damn often...

I judged at a meet last spring and there was a kid there that pulled 600 lbs @ 165 lbs bodyweight...kind of a one trick pony though...his squat and bench were somewhat dismal if I remember correctly ...

and oh yeah...alternated grip is standard practice for deadlifting...


I'd second this quote. =) I figure there is always going to be someone stronger than me. I just set goals, try to get bigger, and look better nekkid.