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Deadlift Number...545@170?


Sorry I need to know something. If someone weighs approx. 170lbs. +- 2 lbs. and they can deadlift over 545 for 1RM. How does this person stack up compared to everyone else. He says it isn't that big of a deal that anyone can do this.

Assume this kid isn't shooting up (he is 27) and he is only using a belt and knee wraps.

I guess I'm just curious to see where he falls on the scale compared to everyone else.


That would put him in top 100 for his weight class. 3xBW is awesome.


That would be considered elite based on this:



He wears knee wraps for deadlifts? That's a new one to me...


Actually a few of the Russian IPF lifters wear wraps to pull sumo with. Seems to work for them.

I would guess he meant straps tho and not wraps.

I know people his weight who pull more, I know people his weight who pull less. Regardless it's still a damn fine deadlift.


I wish I could deadlift that much. What's the guy's name?


Lol considering Ross could do 500 easy and in his site say he never does them because he trains fighters I would say thats pretty average.


Ross is not average. Ross is one person who has trained like a beast for years.


What planet to you live on? A 3xBW+ deadlift is not average or common.


Uranus.... As in your head is stuck up Uranus if you think that's average.




Sorry to be a dumbass, but who is ross?

And thanks for all the responses, I appreciate it.


Ross Enamait is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57pv_1j4dH0

He trains fighters, used to be one himself (but had an injury and decided to stop, if I remember correctly).


3x bodyweight is great and will probably win alot of meets at a local level.

Browse PLUSA any month and you will be shocked by all the deadlifts below 550Lbs regardles of the weight class. I know 90% of the characters online can do it but apparently they're not competing :slight_smile:


Seriously, these posts crack me the eff up. I think these internet strong men need peruse the PLUSA top 100 deadlifts in any category. Only here on the internet is the 3x bwt deadlift casual fodder. LOLOLOLOL.


This is what happens when children are allowed to play on the forums. Run along now, mommy's calling.


Wow, kill yourself immediately.


Have you seen him do this lift? Or is he just saying, 'yeah I dl 545 what of it hah'


My little asian friend Ray (GTShortie) is 5'4 65kg and pulled 200kg, it's on video on youtube. Not too shabby for his 7months training hey lol


For sure. People sometimes ask me what I lift and I give them conservative numbers and apparently everyone "did that in High School."

Just nod politely until you see it.

If you've seen it or your trust him then kudos. That's a damn fine deadlift for anyone.

P.S. Can we get the spell checker on the forum to acknowledge "deadlift" as a real word? We use it enough.