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Deadlift Newbie: Tight Lower Back

I’ve just been doing deadlifts for 2 weeks and going relaly light cuz its a scary exercise for me… I did a plate finally… 135 lbs and easily did 5 reps (real easy). I’m scraping my shins on the way up and using my hammies to lift basically and glutes to lock out at the top.

Problem is when i lock out and shove my hips in my lower back kinda takes some of the load just locking in place and staying straight. After 5 reps my lower back is definitely tight and I feel like 1 mm shorter than normal. Stretching out like trying to touch the ceiling with my hands seems to loosen it up

Doesnt hurt but definitely feels weird… What am I doing wrong?? It feels like a pump in the lower back and a scary feeling.

It doesn’t sound like anything is wrong.

Good call on developing technique, by the way.

Sounds good, to stretch your back out you could do hanging leg raises(my favorite for this purpose), or pullups or just hang from a pullup bar after your sets of deadlifts.
Your back probably just needs to get stronger, good thing you are doing deadlifts because that is what will make it stronger.

yeah im a beginner and a little overweight… even sitting in a chair my back will settle into weird unhealthy positions… like a very slight scoliotic lean to the left or right in the lumbar.

I can feel stuff shifting around back there when i do any activity really - not painful but for example i can crack my back sometimes by jutting my hips out and my shoulders back. It feels good when I do it but cant be healthy.

For obvious reasons I take this exercise slow and am in no rush to start piling plates on. But I still get a good workout doing it. Deadlifts just knock me the fuck out. I only do em once a week, twice max.

Heh, it sounds like you are doing everything right.

I get that “I feel shorter now” feeling whenever I go really hard on deads (be it more volume or more weight). Unless you are really rounding your back or really unflexible at the bottom position don’t worry about it.