Deadlift Mixed Grip Issue

Recently looking to switch back to mixed grip from hook grip. Grip strength held up surprisingly well the issue is that the back of my underhand is getting rubbed bloody against my thigh.

I pull sumo and currently grip where the knurling begins. Would moving grip in or out help with this or maybe some slick tape?

Lifting tape… or you could invest within a pair of decent, figure 8 lifting straps to use only when you’re injured.

I had this issue, but with callouses bursting, blood and pus everywhere… lifting straps/tape shield you’re skin from excess trauma, though the straps can pull on the skin of you’re hands if you’re grip gives way entirely

You’re hand gets rubbed raw and bloody from your thigh??? Are you part shark or something?

On a serious note, maybe try baby powder or a small amount of baby oil on your thighs to reduce friction. Just FYI though most feds don’t let you use any liquid lubricants on your legs.

Out of curiosity, why did you switch back from hook grip?

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Go back to hook grip. Much bigger advantage for sumo pulling


@Vincepac1500 @tasty_nate

Should’ve clarified that mixed grip isn’t permanently or completely replacing hook grip for me.

So I switched up gyms to a powerlifting focus one and they had a Texas deadlift bar that was just the most aggressive knurling I’ve ever touched.

So setting up hook was inconsistent and the bar kept catching parts of my hand that previous smoother deadlift bars wouldn’t.

That first sesh I pulled hook anyway for probably more reps than I should’ve given that. So formed some callouses that caught even easier and now hook grip is off the table for a bit while they smooth down. When able I’ll reintroduce hook grip using some strats like hooking part or all of the smooth so that I can get a consistent relatively quick set up.

In the mean time I thought I’d give mixed grip a go to see if it can be a decent back up grip or main grip of hook grip doesn’t pan out long term on this equipment.

Maybe this is a callous care thread now.

And then the OP and that’s where I’m at.

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Personally, I can’t pull multiple rep sets hook grip on a deadlift bar for crap, because of the knurling, though I can pull my heavy top singles no problem any day. So if I’m wanting to do reps I either use a stiff bar with easier knurling or straps on the DL bar.

Thinking about it more… might be some benefit to doing rep work on a stiff bar and heavy singles/technique work on the DL bar. Rep work on the stiffy will build more bottom end strength, which is a tough spot on sumo, while the heavy single work on the DL bar is going to be more competition specific, letting you practice technique more effectively while still using/building your hook grip (if reps on the DL bar are the issue).

It’s an interesting idea but ima just trying to hook grip for a single without fucking my hands rn lol

You never know what the bar is going to be like in a meet so you need to be prepared for sharp knurling like you are dealing with now. I would try to do at least the first work set with hook grip and then straps afterwards. Same if you can’t avoid scraping your hands with mixed grip, use straps for most of your work.

You can also try taping your thumbs, just don’t wrap the tape too tight or it will feel like your thumb is going to pop.

If your hands are beat up right now then take a week or two off of hook grip, if you tear your hand or something then you won’t have a choice anyway.

Have you (or anyone else) had any luck with taping thumbs? I tried it a few times when attempting multi-rep set pulls, what I have the most issues with hook on, but it did not seem to help at all.

I did, if you’re gripping the bar with your thumbs on the knurling (I was messing around with conventional at the time) then it protects them from getting torn apart. It would be less of an issue if your thumbs are on the knurling, but if you are prone to skin tears then it might be worth it.

One thing though, I last tried with hockey tape (It’s a thick fabric tape, this is Canada too) and that worked well but I also tried some medical tape from a pharmacy years ago when I first switched to hook grip and the tape was tearing or just slipping right off. Not all tapes are equal. I know John Broz was selling special tape just for that, I never saw it myself but look at what weightlifters use, they need it more than anybody.

And as I mentioned, if you put the tape on tightly then the added pressure when you pull will make your thumb hurt like hell, tape as loose as possible unless it’s some kind of stretchy tape. I was bursting capillaries in the tips of my thumbs.

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Pretty sure this was my issue, I think it was just generic “athletic tape”.

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Unless you can get special weightlifting tape then hockey tape is probably the next best thing.

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Sandpaper. Light grit, like 160 - 220. Icy Hot on the leg where you rub, it’s slick like grease for a pull.

Legit just tore a 1 by 3/4 inch chunk of skin off my thumb on heavy hook grip singles yesterday… Never happened before so I’m thinking this conversation cursed me.

That sucks. You were pulling conventional, right? Thumbs on DL bar knurling is way worse.

I actually am going to be spending a bit of time in this off season hashing out my sumo technique. Pulled a heavy conventional single last week followed by some SSB work and my low back got pretty pissed about it, so figured it would be a good time to give it a break. Was pulling some singles at 605, a couple in broke the floor and felt the skin start to separate… not painful but a very, very unsettling feeling.

Bad juju