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Deadlift .. MCL issues ??

So I was deadlifting today, and repping with 275.
I felt as though I stretched correctly, and was warmed up sufficiently. I was using chalk, and correct form. The attached photo shows the stance I was using … pretty standard. Not a sumo stance or anything.

Anyway, after I finished I had some irritation in my MCL (I believe it’s my MCL that’s hurting), and it was nothing severe, but still cause for concern. The pain is not an aching pain, but actually almost feels like a light bruise … it hurts a bit to touch the area, and when I’m bending my knees.

What do you guys do to warm up for deadlifts, and besides using less weight, is there anything I can do to prevent any future damage to my joints and ligaments ?


Nevermind that, it’s my LCL, my bad. I just checked a diagram.

Either way, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Your avatar makes me laugh. Damn, dude wish I could help. Haven’t pulled of the floor in a couple years. Cracked 405 and never did it since.

I’m shootin for 400 by the end of the year, but in my present state, I’m takin a couple weeks off from DL’s. My whole apt. smells like BenGay.

Thanks for the concern anyway, bro.

Foam roll.

I’ll look into it, thanks.

Any other ideas ?

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Wow, I literally just got the exact same issue… However, mine is more severe as the lateral side of my knee hurt while walking too. But, the pain is most severe, and always felt, when I get down into the deadlift position.

Anyway, I got an MRI done on monday, so when i get the results from that i will be sure to post it on this thread.

One thing that did partially alleviate the pain was to really do some intense massaging on my calf. Try that and see if it helps at all. Also, take some fish oil!