Deadlift Machine Worth a Damn?

i have ddd and because i hurt my back again not long ago doing bb dead lifts, i decided to use the deadlift machine because i feel much safer using it and havent had any back pains since then. is it really worth a shit? am i even remotely working the same muscles nearly as much? or should i go back with the barbell, just using low weights?

Sometimes the mechanics of a machine may not suit your own structure. In that case, an injury is possible over time, especially if you’re forced within the movement path of the machine.

What name brand of machine is it?

you can try a trap bar deadlift. I hurt my back real bad about 2 years ago(i basically couldnt do lowerbody work for 6 months) deadlifting and now I can lift over 100 pounds more than I hurt myself with. But with straight bar DL, I have never done trap bar DL.
Heavy ab work, heavy good mornings, heavy squats, all should help. You could also try sumo DL to ease up on your back a little.

What’s a deadlift machine?

This is a deadlift machine. It is sometimes called a “base squat machine.” It isn’t garbage. It will make you stronger, and you can lift more weight due to grip and the fact that you can pull with less of a forward lean. However, it probably has more carryover to the squat than to the deadlift.

The machine is also really great for shrugs.

Seems like it would be fun to do reps on.

OOH! that looks like a good time! I wanna try one of those bad boys one day.

I thought I would be able to handle way more weight on one of these Hammer Strength Shrug/Deadlift Machines because it’s a lever, but I couldn’t

I wouldn’t make it a staple movement that you base your entire program around but I could understand using it instead of Shrugs or Rack Deadlifts. It is pretty similar to a Car Deadlift, except you don’t need to lift an entire car.

I give it High Marks as a Shrugging Machine and Trap Builder since it lets you shrug with the handles to your side but is more manageable than Dumbbells you must un-rack and re-rack or a Trap Bar that you must deadlift at the start of each set.

But if you can’t deadlift, then you should address that. The Deadlift is a pretty natural motion and if you can’t even perform that natural motion, then I think a lot more stuff is going to suffer besides just your deadlift.

I have used one and you are all right - great for shrugs.

But as for the deadlift, instead of feelng in in the back like in DL, it is very active in the legs, quads mostly i found. So yeah the carry over would be squat performance id have thought… but a bit of DL too!!