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Deadlift Jump: Would Holding A Dumbbell Jack Up Your Form?


Would wrist or ankle weights be better? I’m just trying to visualize doing this with a dumbbell.




Exactly, a shitty deadlift would fuck you up and not in a good way. All you need is a minimal strain on back and with proper form and heavy and you’ll get results. I can’t visualize jumping deadlifts not jacking up your spine. I do box jumps and jumping squats with weights, but the jumping deadlift, I can’t see as risk vs reward make you want to attempt it. Ty for replying. And btw, I hope you’re gf is experiencing results


Thanks! shes being a trooper with this program its great:)
I think, this movement is used as a primer before actually deadlifting or contrasting with heavy set?so you woulnt be looking to progressively load it as much? would be super awkward positioning and it would skew everything up, like shaddow boxing with tiny weights. I just do this to “wake up” my mind and body.


Doing a deadlift jump with DBs is not going to do anything to your deadlift form… unless you are in the bottom 1% coordination wise


I was reading it as one dB, I can see two, but I believe the post implied one


As everything I even vary my warmups. I’m just in a spot where I don’t really need to gain mass, but gains motivate me. Glad she’s seeing results. Is she still motivated. My gfs always burn out so I tend to do at home gym or with guy friends.


oufff its hard, she never really trained and it takes alotttt of patience to show it all. But shes doing ok for the level and its cool being together in the gym also.


Edit props to ya!!! Ugh, I have to be in and out. No bs and my guy friends help with trolls. I “was” only allotted a certain amount of time in gym, so I had to go balls to the walls. Now I can do whatever I want…so, I’m reading and self-reflecting. What are my goals…hopefully I’ll have it figured out cuz is annoying


Honestly, To save your sanity, have her watch videos and practice on her own with just proper form. If she’s really motivated, she’ll do it cuz ya don’t want your workout to be downsized. Put the ball in her court. Hopefully not being rude, but I get frustrated with people who want results but don’t go the “extra” mile


yesss she watches these insta videos and stuff!


That’s awesomeness! Sounds like a keeper :hugs: