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Deadlift Issues


So I am having a little trouble with my deadlift regressing right now. I had pulled 535 at the end of December at 215 or 220. My buddy had bet me by the end of April to do a 550 at 200 lbs (he was going to do the same). I thought 15 lbs on the deadlift if I just focus on that shouldn’t be too bad. So I am doing a keto diet for the weight loss and am around 205 now. That part is going fine. The problem is I missed what should have been an easy 475 pull yesterday and missed a 495 two weeks prior. I have my recent sessions in my log here as well as a video of my heavy pull. I am looking for any suggestions to get that back in the groove before my deadline. I am averaging about 8 hours of sleep a night. Maybe carbs before deadlift days? Any advice would be appreciated. Here is my log No Rest for the Wicked


You should rename the thread “keto issues”. Cutting weight is likely to affect your strength as it is, keto is pretty much guaranteed to make you weaker. You can eat carbs and still lose weight.


I hear you. My vanity probably has a little to do with it as well. I don’t look like quite the tub of lard like I did and the diet is easy to stick to. However, if it isn’t fitting what my goal is, it probably isn’t the right tool any way.


Is this just a friendly bet or do you plan on competing at 198? If it’s meet related I would decide what I want more, a 535 pull or a 200lb body weight.


Just a friendly bet. 50 bucks on the line man.


Well in that case @chris_ottawa nailed it. Eat carbs, lose the weight another way, and get the bragging rights. (oh and 50 bills.)


asa you get less fat your leverage will improve. Deadlifts often go up for people who lose fat. It’s the other lifts squat and bench that take a hot or perhaps bigger hit , if you lose too fast.


That is a little weird though. My bench and squat both are doing a little better as of late.


If your pushing your squat sometimes your tired from that and as soon as you back off your deadlift will go up. But could be a few things. Always hard to get stronger while loosing weight. Belt doesn’t quite fit the same either.