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Deadlift Is Regressing

Hi guys,

So here’s the problem. My deadlift is stalling. As a matter of fact it is getting worse.

In July last year I pulled 172,5kg for 11 reps. Today I pulled 175kg for 6. I checked my log and didn’t find too many differences in excersises I was doing. It isn’t cause of a bad day neither, I’ve been regressing my deadlift ever since last year.

I’ve been running 5/3/1 for a couple of years now, so that may be one of the reason I’m stalling. Also: I’d consider my strength of the floor as a weak part. Any tips to strengthen that?

If you’ve not progressed in that long something isn’t right. Has your weight changed? How has your squat changed in the same amount of time? Form change on either? As far as strength off the floor goes- Do you do deadstop or tng? Also I like deep narrow stance squats for deadlift assistance. I know that’s alot of questionsz but I’m also trying to make the point that it could be a bunch of different issues based on information given and it’s probably not your assistance selection.

There’s a million variables here.

Sleep, nutrition, stress, is mercury in retrograde, lack of effort, technique, body issues, etc.

Videos help.

How have your other lifts changed.

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Well, my squat is actually progressing, so maybe that has something to do with it. Form hasn’t changed, neither on DL or squat… And I do deadstop DL.

All other lifts progress… will post a video later this week.

Another thing to consider is weight gain. It can actually change your levers and make you a better squatter and worse at deadlift. But I don’t know how much you weigh and in the 500lb max range that’s probably not the issue. Just a thought.

Well, I’m 2,01m (around 6’8?) and a 123-ish kg (that’s like 240-250 lbs?)

Probably not the issue then. Do you have a vid of a recent near max lift?

You are obviously doing something wrong, but based on the information here it is impossible for anyone to figure out what that is.

What information do you need?

Here’s the video of today.

  1. why did you stop at 6 reps?
  2. you’re tall as fuck balls and could use a bit of form tweaking possibly
  3. why did you stop at 6 reps? It looked like you had plenty more in you.


  1. Needed to do an AMRAP, and it felt like I just had 6 in me. Last rep felt heavy as fuck. Looking back at it I had more reps in me.
  2. I know right. What tweaks/cues would you say?

Any more tips and cues to improve my form?

I’d say brace to avoid that lean back lock out. Maybe really work that leg drive initial leg drive. Flex your quads at the top.

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I believe we already had this discussion in a previous thread. Based on what you are saying, I would assume that either at one point you were doing some assistance exercises that helped your deadlift and now you aren’t, or you changed your technique in some way (possibly without even knowing, if you don’t regularly record).

But there were some differences, right? So what are these differences?

If I had to give generic recommendations based on what you have said here, I would say to do deficit deadlifts and SLDL or RDL. SLDL if you can do it with a neutral spine, otherwise RDL. And rows if you aren’t already doing them.

Like @SOUL_FIGHTER said, don’t lean back at the top, it can lead to back injury and will also cause your knees to unlock. For some people, squeezing your glutes at lockout will help, together with just standing up straight rather than leaning back.

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Make sure you’re bracing correctly as a few have said.

Overall it looks great but I’d try to get your shoulders back a little further. I see you lacking your lats into place, now we just need to try and get that chest up a bit more so the shoulders aren’t out front as much.

You can see you started out nice on rep 1, then your shoulders slowly moved forward as the reps went on.

What I’m really seeing is rep 1 your shins are a bit away from the bar, which is perfect because when your shins lean forward when you’re ready to start you get some solid leg drive off the ground.

All the other reps because you’re sliding back down your shins ends up with vertical shins which doesn’t let you get as much starting leg drive.

Try to get shins \ and not | ( if you’re looking at the angle from the video )

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yea, I don’t see how you can compare this set to your 11 rep set from a year ago, considering this didn’t look close to a max-rep set. I don’t know what your 11 rep set looked like for comparison. My guess is, your strength is probably pretty comparable to what it was a year ago. This may not have been a good day for you, and the day you hit 11 could have been a really good day.

Has your bodyweight changed since last July?

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That’s right. I noticed the main difference in excersises I did when my deadlift was progressing was that I did more lowerbody work than I do now, so that may be the reason.

I know, but this actually felt like an AMRAP, with 1 more rep in the tank. Don’t have a video from that time tho, so can’t really compare.

I actually gained some weight if I remember correctly, but not thay much