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Deadlift Injury


Going gung ho on sumo deadlifts is not recommended, especially if you use too much of a narrow grip and strain the erector spinae like I did, where it connects to Lats (painful as hell). Most people would have run to the Dr and got vicodin, but fortunately for me a i had a few leftover pills, and i took half a pill at night only.

Best things to do when you strain the long thin erector spinae muscles is using a sharp acupuncture type object (mines a old cable box triangle reciever), put it on the bed and hold yourself over the sharp point at the pressure points.

Additionally, take a lot of fish oil, Joint Health supplements and heating pad. Normally the recovery process would take a few weeks, but i’m feeling better after just 3-4 days.

Cannabis helps to relax the muscles so that you can get better results out of deep tissue massage, foam rolling, acupuncture massage points, etc.

Lesson learned: NEVER USE NARROW GRIP ON SUMO DEADLIFTS, and get form 100%