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Deadlift Injury

I’m doing 5/3/1 on my deadlift day I notice a burn right below and to the left of my belly button,I only feel it when I lift heavy.I was maxing out single reps got to 440 which isn’t heavy for me but felt that burn .I stopped completed my workout 3 sets of bb rows 225 x5 ,3 sets of Kroc rows 80# x3 sets of 20, last 3 sets of power shrugs 225 315 405 10 reps each no burn .I bench squat feel fine just when I go over 410 I notice that burn.Im in no pain have no bulge can it be a hernia or maybe a torn muscle I’m going to take it ez on anything over 400 ,hopefully someone has some advice

Good luck with the recovery

I have experienced this before, but it was went away and never returned! I have no idea what it could be either.

It bums me out heavy dead lifts are my favorite things to do my girls a r.n. she said it ain’t a hernia because I’d feel it doing other heavy lifts and I don’t also I do no core workouts I’m goin to start now for sure thanks for the reply ,this is my 5/3/1 routine .SQUATS /5/3/1 then 5x10 ,leg extensions then I’ll do 3 sets of arms.BENCH / 5/3/1 ,5x10 narrow grip mainly for triceps,then I’ll do 3x5 heavy incline then 2 sets of rolling tricep extensions ,2 sets of pulldowns 2 sets of skull crushers .DEADLIFT/ 5/3/1 then 5x10 then 3sets of bb rows,lat pull downs ,Kroc rows,power shrugs I circuit these.MILITARY PRESS/ 5/3/1,5x10 ,2 sets of side lats,2sets of front raises, 2sets of bent over lats. I’ll end it with 2 sets of forearm.

That’s my routine I’m 40 years old I work the grave yard shift it’s a bitch some times I get tired.But I like this routine WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF THIS ROUTINE??ill also do pull ups between sets depending on how strong I feel and now I plan on doing some ab work. Is this to much it feels ok but would like your opinions.Thanks for your replies and any help you can give .

Its a potential for a hernia. My doctor has told me many of times that I have a spot where I will be prone to a hernia. The muscles feel loose. I monitor this spot. I used to get this exact same burn in that spot when lifting heavy. Not sure if I simply corrected form or if the ab muscles adjusted/built up but I no longer get this burn. One other factor is that I purchased a more heavy duty, thicker, wider belt rather than using some chincy belt that my gym has. I have not idea if this distributes the pressure over the abs better but maybe give that a try.