Deadlift Injury. Need a Prognosis

Hi, long time lurker first time poster.

I have been deadlifting for over 6 months now (~1.5years lifting) and gradually increasing the weight while focusing on proper form. After I hit the 250lb mark, I began using straps to make the lifts a bit easier w/ less focus on grip and more on form.

Last night at the gym, I realized I had lost my straps and I had planned to attempt a new personal record of of 405 for 1 rep.

I started with the usual warmup stretches and warmup set and moved on to my working set of 405 for 1 rep.

Since I had no straps, I was using reverse grip and chalk.

To me deadlifting is a “sheer will” lift so once I decide on getting a weight up, I get it up.

When I lifted the bar i believe my form flawed a little due to me not being used to reverse grip and I put more pressure on my right side overall.

On the way up I felt a sharp pain in my right lower rib, and near the top of the rep i felt a pop and a pinch in the groin area (right side) after which I dropped the weight.

I took a 10minute break and did 2 more sets of 4 reps w/ 275 and everything seemed to be fine.

When I got home everything still seemed to be fine aside from a dull pain in my groin which i attributed to paranoia.

I checked for an inguinal and femoral hernia and found no lumps, and went to bed.

This morning the dull pain is still there and the rib pain is back full swing. It hurts to bend/sit/get out of bed and the pain is in the very bottom right rib area.

My guess is I have caused 2 hernias in my groin and under my rib cage, but I need a more educated opinion.

Thank you for your help and god bless.

I got a prognosis from an orthopedic doctor (friend of a friend).

He did the visual and manual hernia checks and found nothing out of order and he told me my chest pain is probably from a bruised rib. I put two and two together in my head and i realized that the hard belt i was wearing was putting pressure on my rib cage during heavy lifts.

He advised that I try to stay away from hitting maximums, to use a fabric/velcro belt, and to try rack pulls instead of traditional deadlifts to avoid aggravating a hernia if a minor one is present for a few weeks.

I’m glad that I can still lift. I will take his advice.

I would gladly take more comments/suggestions though :slight_smile: