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Deadlift: Improving Grip Strength

I’ve been training for a year in total, I was injured for 4 months with a bank injury. I started training in February from (virtually scratch) and have been lifting ever since. I’m started to get PRs virtually every week (probably due to my “beginner” gains).

Now, my goal right now, is to get a 130kg deadlift for 3 sets of 6. I’m currently deadlifting 120kg, fairly easily, however I struggle with my grip. And I have to reset my grip for every rep. So, I’m curious if any of you guys could recommend one or two exercises I could do at the end of my workouts.

Being honest, I’m 17 right now. And I want to strive for a 200kg before I’m 20. Hopefully 19 if possible.

farmers walk if you do not have the implements just walk with dumbbells or if you have a trap bar I start out light like 60 to 80 kg walking with will improve grip better than just standing, also look up hand and thigh lift, and hook grip. I assume you are from metric system country try to do start out with 25k dumbbells when you can go 50m nonstop add weight, if you can train outside try sprints with 15k at end of workout, make sure you are using chalk when you pull heavy deadlift.

I like to hold the last rep for a bit on each DL set.

Ed Coan used to put the safety bars into a power rack and lay a weighted bar across it just high enough to pull the weight off the bars with one hand and do holds for time.

I have to assume the bar your using is garbage or your double over handing it. Is it one of those chrome look nice bars that suck for grip?

get on a pullup bar and just hang for a minute or two, or as long as you can

Without chalk or anything. If you are light, add weight. It can help to decompress your spine and it works grip, so it’s a win-win.

also apply a mental cue when you deadlift - if you drop the bar, the girl of your dreams dies. It’s harsh but it works lol

Whats the benefit of decompressing the spine? I’ve heard people mention it before but never really looked into it.

well I can’t talk from a scientific standpoint, but from personal experience

I don’t feel like my spine is going to explode. Because of sitting, bad posture, poor sleep (as in bad bed) and so on, sometimes your back can get tight, so hanging helps release that tension to an extent. Also that Westside BB device, the reverse hyper can help you with this “spine decompression”, but I am from Europe and this kind of equipment is rare.

Reps work great. Someone else said it as well, but on your last rep just hold it at the top as long as you can. If you want to get a strong grip, spend more time with the bar in your hands.