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Deadlift Hip Position

when i deadlift my hips shoot right back instead of coming up. As a result I get almost no leg drive off the floor and i end up straight legging it. What are some cues I can use to get better?

push through with the hips. vid of form would help us help you

-What I think of is getting the bar over mid-foot (inbetween the back of your heel and toe-tips).

-Suck in a huge breath into my belly pressing against my belt or just out if I’m not using one.

-reach down and grab the bar, arms perpendicular to the ground hanging from the shoulders

-touch my shins against the bar

-in one motion, pull the slack out of the bar and sit my hips as far back as I can. Yes your hips go down, but I find thinking of pushing them back puts me in tighter position with more tension.

-you will feel a sweet spot where you feel a ton of tension and the weight will just pop off the ground from all the tension generated this way.

-Just be sure all the weight is over your mid-foot the whole time so you’re probably really going to have to pull the bar hard into your center of gravity as the bar goes up. Basically, there doesn’t have to be a ton of shin scraping, but the bar should be in constant contact with you. In order to do this you might want to think of it as pulling the bar up and back by driving your hips forward and pulling the weight back with your lats.

that is my issue as well. i have been doing more high rep deads, snatch grip deads, and working on activating my glutes more.