deadlift help

I’m trying to help my two friends who have started trainig with me to be able to do deadlifts with good form. The problem is that they round their back everytime and do not keep an arch in it. I told them to arch thier back but they just can’t do it. I think it’s because their lower back is to weak, so I told them to start doing some back extensions with weight to increase lower back strength. Will this help with this problem or is there something else I should prescribe for them. Thanks.

Less weight.

I had the same problem. I kept rounding my back due to an exceptionally weak back. I powerlifting buddy gave me two suggestions:

  1. DB deads, they don’t lwet you go as heavy as BB deads and let you get used to doing them properly.

  2. Partial deads, from just below the knee. My rounding started once I passed this point. So I copncentrate on getting stronger without danger of rounding my back with heavy weight down near my ankles.

Just my two cents.


Start with an empty bar on blocks and once their form is perfect start upping the weight.

I TOTALLY agree with the above…

Ego’s out the door…LOWER THE WEIGHT, get the form down…and your friend’s will be MUCH better off in the long run…

A “Lion Adage”:

“Work the muscle…NOT ego’s, tendons and spines!”


form first without question.
besides using very little weight in order to get the form and balance correct, have your friends tried stretching before the lifts? i know there is a fair amount of controversy regarding the usefulness of stretching prior to lifting, but for novices in any lifting, stretching may help their proprioception of the movement and they may be able to maintain a straight or slightly arched lower back which is crucial in the deadlift. furthermore, lowerback/glute/hamstring specific exercises are also a really good idea as the entire posterior chain needs to be challenged and active so that form is never compromised in the deadlift (among other lifts).

maybe try some Goodmornings. i found these helped my Deadlifts, especially in the lower back strength

Ive found that beginners have a problem getting into an arched position. I had this problem a great deal when I worked with some younger kids. Weight had nothing to do with it as they couldnt do it with a pretend bar.

Here’s a trick to get into the correct position (AFTER reducing the weight, as recommended by everyone else): Have them retract their shoulderblades. This may take a little work in itself, but once they have that down, the body has a tendency to maintain the normal lordotic arch when the shoulderblades are pulled back.

You’ve gotta stick your ass out like a dog in heat (at least it feels that way). Guys probably arent comfortable doing that in front of their friends… well, little guys aren’t…